Welcome to Vital Engineering Inc.

Your partner in product development and custom solutions engineering

We are a mechanical engineering consultancy providing services to technology companies. Our focus is to help you bring your innovative product to market quickly and in a cost-effective way. Our strength is in thinking beyond the box, often coming up with simple yet effective solutions to design challenges. Our unique experience spans projects from transportation to clean energy technology to medical device industries and allows us to effectively perform cross-industry innovation.

Our Services:

Mechanical Design & Engineering

If you are looking to develop your technology platform into an elegant and functional product, we are here to assist you. We provide expertise and technical capabilities to help you materialize your design ideas.

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Process Development & Automation

Developing a proprietary manufacturing process? Require custom equipment? Looking to apply your technology to a new industry? We design custom equipment and manufacturing processes.

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Idea Commercialization

We provide skills and experience to help transition your idea from an R&D lab to the manufacturing floor. We participate in various phases of a product life cycle: from first prototypes to scaling up manufacturing capacity.

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We Engineer, Design, and Build devices for a diverse set of technology companies

We serve the following industries:


  • Renewable energy products (Photovoltaics, Wind)
  • Solid state lighting products
  • Heating, refrigeration, and thermal dissipation units
  • Wireless power transfer technologies

Automation and Robotics

  • Electric, pneumatic, & hydraulic actuation 
  • Manufacturing process automation
  • Equipment productivity enhancement


  • New service capabilities development for aircraft maintenance organizations
  • Custom solutions for underwater marine applications
  • Fuel saving technologies and optimizations

Electronics Packaging

  • Electrical enclosures
  • Thermal management
  • Custom instruments

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