About Us

Vital Engineering Inc. was founded with a goal to provide mechanical engineering design services in the most effective manner. We combine experience and creativity with a set of tools needed to get the job done. By running "extra lean", we are able to deliver high value at low cost to our customers. We have been involved in projects covering the entire product life-cycle spectrum in various industries. 

We design products and custom manufacturing tooling/equipment. Here are some of our projects (ask us for more details):

• Development of high speed electric machines with applications to wireless power transfer technologies

• Design of novel high efficiency photovoltaic modules

• Design of innovative solid state lighting products

• Formulation of proprietary alloys and development of alloy coating machines

• Manufacturing optimization of utility-scale battery systems

• Development of refrigeration units utilizing various refrigeration cycles

• Repair and test rig development for aircraft engine components

• Composite structures for marine applications

Some of these projects led to valuable intellectual property developments for our clients.

Our Toolbox

We own the following tools for design and engineering:

• SolidWorks Professional 3D CAD/CAE software for design, simulation, and renderings

• Autodesk Fusion 360 suite for CAD/CAE/CAM work

We also have broad experience with the following software packages that we utilize at clients' sites: COMSOL Multiphysics (CAE, simulations), KEYSHOT (renderings), CorelDraw (2D graphics), Adobe Illustrator (images for manuals and instructions)

Our key to agility in design refinement is in augmenting our design activities with comprehensive prototyping capabilities:

• Our MDA Precision CNC machine helps us make intricate 3D parts from various materials

• We use our Carbide 3D CNC router for cutting flat panels

Our network of local machine shops, fabricators, and component suppliers is a vital element in our work